The Ministry Team

We have a large Ministry Team that works across the Group. Only a few of the Team were available for the photograph! A regular pattern of services is provided in all of the churches and a band of Pastoral visitors support the elderly and infirm.

Lay Ministry
Mike BaileyReader
Pam DeanReader
David RumbelowReader
Brian SnelsonReader
Annie HarrisonReader
Barbara MyerscoughReader
Freda BaileyRecognised Parish Assistant
Lyn StantonRecognised Parish Assistant
Pastoral Visitors
Peter Brook
Annie Harrison
Pat Herbert
Louis Taylor
Sheila Waller
Ministry Team


VicarRevd Dr Jake Belder
House for Duty (part-time)Post vacant
Revd Bronnie BroadhurstDeacon
Revd Pam BurdonRetired
Revd Tony BurdonRetired
Revd Shelagh JonesRetired
Revd Rodney NicholsonRetired
Revd Les SlowRetired